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Why Choose Us

The One Degree Paraplanning team has over 40 years experience in the financial planning industry.

The difference between One Degree and other outsourced paraplanning services available in the marketplace, is the strength of our in-house team and the close engagement we have with a small contractor network.

Rather than act as a middle man only between advisers and offshore offices or a pool of contract paraplanners, we set about developing a sustainable business model that could support full-time, in-house paraplanners providing advisers with a consistent point of contact.

Having cut our teeth as contract paraplanners once upon a time, we know that there is no sweet spot when it comes to managing your own book of clients as a contractor.
With workflow typically being lumpy and with quiet periods having a direct impact on your earnings, you are often forced to take on more clients than you can handle and just hope that not all clients send work requests through at once.

The end result is that work is rushed, never completed, or clients are churned in the hope of finding that elusive ‘sweet spot’, forcing advisers to continually engage new paraplanners and put in the hard work to get the new paraplanner up to speed.

Whether you need assistance for ongoing paraplanning support or are in need of a one off large number of SOAs, One Degree has the resources required to meet your needs regardless of the size of the task.

With an ability to build paraplanning teams to meet large scale projects such as the purchase of a new book of clients, One Degree Paraplanning has helped countless financial adviser businesses and dealer groups address significant workflow problems.

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100% Australian Team
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Secure & Compliant
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For Financial Advisers

By using an established, experienced, in-house team such as One Degree Paraplanning, the continual search for a reliable paraplanning partner is over.

In joining the One Degree Paraplanning family, you will be served by a team of paraplanning professionals that are driven to uphold the outstanding service that we have become known for.

This high level of quality of work has been the catalyst for our own business growth over the last 7 years.

We only ever engage Australian-based contractors and therefore, you have the peace of mind in knowing where your work is being completed and that our paraplanners are constantly accessible.

Our development of our own software platform to deliver operational efficiencies means we are able to offer an onshore service at a cost that is comparable to those being offered by overseas paraplanning businesses.

Furthermore, this investment in software means that our paraplanners are spending less time on the advice document itself and more time on helping advisers deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

For Dealer Groups

One Degree Paraplanning offers dealer groups the opportunity to engage an experienced team of paraplanning professionals, providing your advisers with access to a centralised team that can ensure your compliance rules and advice quality are consistently maintained across your group.

Our current dealer group services include participation in compliance meetings, construction of customised SOA templates, and ongoing process development to drive greater efficiencies throughout a dealer group business.

By centralising the production of advice documents through an experienced and proven team such ours, any changes that need to be implemented across the group are able to be done so immediately.

This eliminates any concern that your advisers haven’t read the latest communication or don’t have the resources to accurately action the required changes.

Adopting a centralised outsourced paraplanning approach also provides for a smoother transition when bringing on new advisers. We simply become a part of your onboarding process, getting your new team members in a position to start writing advice much faster.

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