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Consistent ROAs for Financial Planning and Advising

Although a Record of Advice or ROA is a much smaller, simpler version of a Statement of Advice, it is still a back office function that is best outsourced to a professional paraplanner. Quite often knowing when to use an ROA or an SOA can be a tricky situation for financial advisers to navigate.

Our aim is to ensure that your ROAs look and feel the way that you, and your financial planning clients, are used to.

Leverage our years of experience in developing our own custom built ROA, that can be tailored to your business’ needs and preferences and outsource your ROAs to us.

Considering Outsourcing Record of Advice?

How we can help

For financial planners, it’s essential to consider the needs of their clients. Sometimes that means understanding when to use a simple Record of Advice (ROA) rather than a lengthy Statements Of Advice (SOA). One Degree Paraplanning provides support and assurance in such vital decisions. We bring experience and expertise to the table, offering up our customised ROAs – tailored specifically to your business needs and preferences.

At One Degree Paraplanning, we understand that ROAs are more than just documents – they represent the shared trust between a financial planner and their client. Our custom-built ROAs look and read exactly as expected by you and your clients. As trusted experts in the field of paraplanning, we take pride in creating clear, concise, straightforward advice that both protect you from legal liability and answer all questions put forward by your clients.

Experience confidence in your decision-making process with One Degree Paraplanning. Leverage our years of knowledge for this essential back-office function for outstanding outcomes for every client relationship.

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