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Reliable Financial Strategy Papers

Often a Statement of Advice cannot be written until your client’s current and proposed financial positions have been determined. This is where a Strategy Paper from One Degree Paraplanning can help.

For example, there are often times where a client’s financial position is not straightforward and the path to helping them achieve their goals isn’t easy to identify. Your client may have multiple entities, accounts, income sources, debt facilities and other aspects which makes defining their current financial position very complex.

Our strategy papers provide you with a concise view of your client’s pre and post advice position, supported by detailed financial modelling to quantify the financial benefits of your advice.

Benefits of financial strategy papers

• Tailor-made to highlight your client’s specific needs, goals, and the benefits of your financial advice.
• Clear, concise and easy to understand
• Highly customisable to suit each client’s individual circumstances and industry of business
• Written by experts with years of experience supporting financial advisories.

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